Lensflare plugin for Panotour


We are pleased to present a simple to install and extremely intuitive to use brand new plugin HTML5 VR Lensflare. It is perfectly adapted to Panotour KOLOR.

Lensflare plugin is designed for Panotour. The installation is very simple. Knowledge of coding is not required.

Displays various types of flares on panoramas in Flash, HTML5 and WebVR. 


Installation process

In Panotour open user directory

user directory open

Copy all files from the HTML5 VR Lensflare package to user directory.

install lensflare


How to use it in the Panotour? Watch the video:

HTML5 VR Lensflare for Panotour EXAMPLE

NOTE - this is a commercial plugin - to use it - it must be purchased.

You can purchase this plugin through the link below.
Updates for this plugin are free!

Buy HTML5 VR Lensflare plugin for Panotour

39 €

Notes: Don't encrypt the files in the lensflare folder.