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Virtual Tour Builder (VT Builder)

VT Builder is a unique tool, running in a web browser. It provides very extensive management of the virtual tour, created by using krpano "MAKE VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet.bat".

If you have a krpano tools, necessarily try VT Builder for free and see that the creation of modern and advanced virtual tours is finally very easy, enjoyable and effective.

Without a doubt one of the most important tools is the advanced management of POI 3D.

The list of possibilities VT Builder is very wide. Try it now!




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Other Components

In addition to the VT Builder, which includes a lot of useful modules and tools, we offer a few of them independently. 

HTML5-VR Audio Plugin - Advanced sound management. 

Lensflare - works in Flash, HTML5 and VR Mode. Unique, very popular component. 

Spectrum Template - a very powerful template for droplet krpano. Lots of editing and modification. 

HTML5 Rotate droplet - a tool that opens the door to the world of e-commerce and allows you to earn. 




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